Try a Mediterranean Way of Life

Figure 1 The attractions of the Mediterranean are obvious

If you ask anyone where they would like to be right now, there is a pretty good chance that an island in the middle of the Mediterranean would be a popular reply. The combination of sand, sea, and an incredible way of life is high up on many people’s lists.

That last point is particularly important. Everybody wants to find the perfect lifestyle. That could be dining in the best restaurants or watching the biggest sports events live – or even just finding the best betting site at But we are all searching for a better way of living and it seems as though the Mediterranean lifestyle is one of the best.

Food plays a big part in that. But it is not the only component. The Mediterranean is obviously a large area with many different cultures and nationalities, all with their own individual ways of doing things. But, for this article, we are going to take a look at some of the aspects of life that are commonly found across the region – and will undoubtedly improve yours.

Eat Everything

The term “Mediterranean diet” has been somewhat misunderstood over time. This is definitely not a diet in the sense of eating less. If anything, to embrace this kind of lifestyle, you would be eating just about everything. But, as with anything in life, moderation is the key.

A Mediterranean diet is naturally healthy and makes good use of a wide range of vegetables, as well as fish and meats. But as the traditional way is to cook fresh dishes, you do not miss out on all the goodness and vitamins that might be lost if you are used to a more processed diet.

Engage in Community

Food plays a major part in a Mediterranean lifestyle – but is not just about what you are eating. Meals are central but it is the idea of community and ritual that brings families and friends together. Sharing time while eating may mean it takes longer but that is all part of the process.


A community with greater social cohesion is always going to be better for individuals, both physically and mentally. Obviously, it is not always possible to be part of a big gathering every time you need to eat. But, even if you are eating alone, make sure that you put in the same amount of effort to enjoy the occasion.

Seek the Sun

One of the main attractions for many visitors to the Mediterranean region is the guaranteed hours of glorious sunshine to be found there. If you live in a country where those rays are in not so plentiful supply, the feeling of the sun on your face is worth the airfare alone.

But those rays also do your body a lot of good. It is known that a lot of people in more northern parts of the world are vitamin D deficient – and boosting those levels through some food types probably won’t be enough. Try to make the most of the sun where you are (but make sure you apply sunscreen), or consider vitamin D supplements.

Take Time to Walk

If you enjoy a punishing workout in the gym, then you should definitely keep that up. But to enjoy a more Mediterranean lifestyle, you can escape the weights sessions and keep fit classes. A more natural way of moving is all that is required, where you find that exercise is just part of the day’s activities.

Obviously, incorporating exercise into your daily routine will do you no good, but it can be as leisurely as walking when you need to move or going for a regular swim. Mediterranean exercise is all about just moving and walking, and it is always going to be the most accessible wherever you live. Leave the car keys at home when you go to the store and get those steps in instead.

Be Generous

This element of Mediterranean living follows on from eating communally. You have probably heard of the phrase “sharing is caring,” and that is something that is taken very seriously. It could be argued that a more traditional Mediterranean community would be smaller and more close-knit – but the general idea behind it can work wherever you are.

Figure 2 Food plays a central role in the Mediterranean lifestyle

Just because you may live in a large urban area away from much of your family, it doesn’t mean that you cannot create the types of bonds that are found in this lifestyle. Being generous and thoughtful is an excellent way to ingratiate yourself into communities in the first place, and that can then be built upon for the good of everyone.

Mediterranean Life Everywhere

You may have picked up on an underlying thread through all of these ideas for a Mediterranean lifestyle. A sense of community, togetherness, natural movement – but above all love. That feeling of love can be found in everything in this region of the world and it is a good place to start wherever you are.

We have already highlighted that it may not be as practical for singles in a major US or European city, for example, to live such a communal life as someone in a small village in Italy, Spain, or France. Slowly incorporating some of these ideas will make a real difference, and you will definitely feel the benefit.

You could say that a Mediterranean lifestyle is more of a state of mind than anything else. And being inspired and educated by other cultures can only help with your wellbeing, wherever you are.