5 Guilty Pleasures That May Actually Be Good for Your Health


“Guilty pleasures” — it’s a phrase we use so often in everyday life without actually analyzing what’s so guilty about them. It’s just … a phrase, right? But if we give it a thought, it may turn out that some of those things can secretly be doing us good. Sure, everything in moderation, but, very likely, you don’t need to feel guilty at all.

Gaming & Gambling

Believe it or not, a video game or a casino one can do quite a lot for well-being. Okay, if put less pathetically, it can do a lot for your mood (of course, when done responsibly). Sometimes, you feel happier when you play a game with cute graphics and simple mechanics and think about nothing at all! Othertimes, it’s a huge mood-lifter when you play and win real money (even if the sum is insignificant!). In Rooli online casino, by the way, you can do both as they have free demo modes and real money games.

And mood is not the only factor, here, by the way. The process of playing as such helps with many soft skills:

  • sharper mental faculties
  • problem-solving
  • better decision-making.

More than that, research suggests that strategic games (let’s say, poker or chess) can improve emotional regulation. Seems to make sense because you interact with other players or even if not, you learn to manage your feelings better. So, it’s anything but guilty, isn’t it?

Watching TV

Yes, binge-watching your favorite series can actually have benefits (beyond just finding out who the killer was in your latest mystery show). Selective — note this adjective please — television viewing can really help to relax and decompress after a stressful day.

What’s actually curious here is that psychological studies suggest that when you engage with fictional characters and stories, you develop empathy. You start to understand social cues better and can even grow more creative.

Eating Chocolate

Сhocolate is not guilty, at least if it’s dark! It is packed with antioxidants that improve heart health and increase blood flow to the brain. These two factors reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

Plus, dark chocolate improves mood (you probably know it well yourself). This is because it boosts serotonin and endorphin levels. Of course, eating an entire chocolate bar after lunch can make you feel a tad guilty, but eating a few pieces — no way!

Taking Naps

Have you noticed how you are uncomfortable admitting you were sleeping if this takes place during the day? Or, even if you don’t have this little oddity, you should have noticed it in other people. That’s because napping is often seen as a sign of laziness. Which has nothing to do with reality, of course.

In reality, short naps (those around 20-30 minutes) can significantly enhance cognitive functions:

  • memory retention,
  • creative problem-solving,
  • motor performance.

Besides, napping reduces stress and improves mood. So it’s pure pleasure, without the “guilty” part.

A Glass of Wine

You’ve probably heard that red wine is touted for cardiovascular benefits. The key here is moderation. That is, one glass per day for women and two for men should be optimal. Just like dark chocolate, wine is rich in antioxidants. And well, let’s be honest, it’s equally powerful in terms of making us a bit happier!

So if you’ve been uneasy about enjoying any of these “guilty pleasures,” don’t be. There’s nothing bad or wrong in helping yourself to feel more cheerful. Of course, each of those only works if you enjoy it moderately. But that’s how all things work in life. The super healthy avocado is likewise only good when you eat a portion of it and not 2 kilos, right? So let yourself take it all a bit easier and listen to your heart more often (as unoriginal as it sounds, yes).