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How Sitting on My Ass for an Hour Made Me Smarter

Time management is traditionally brought up when we think of how we manage the tasks we are faced with in our daily routine. This can be manifested through action items at the office, to the things we need to get done at the house.

One area that is often over looked when discussing time management comes in the way of “down time”.  I don’t mean the time you would spend vacationing, sleeping or the space in between tasks. I am talking about one of my favorite times – the time I am in my car for my office commute.

In my day I can often be in the car between 45 minutes to an hour both coming and going to the office. That is 2 hours of time that I am sitting, at attention – waiting! I have to be honest, I hated that time and refused to enjoy it for a long time. As a matter of fact, you could find me complaining about the drive often.

I have ADHD and sitting for any period of time is not something I enjoy or have the attention to manage successfully. There were times I am sure the car next to me thought I was going to jump out and run home if I had to brave another minute of stop and go.

Then something changed. It wasn’t premeditated or even something I can take credit for doing on purpose.

I started listening to podcasts, interviews and audio files in the car. The next thing you know; I was looking forward to the drive as an opportunity to learn. Everything from how to make my own chocolate, how to stretch my own canvas, self improvement, workout ideas, how to speed read, marketing ideas, how to start a business using social media……ETC. The list goes on and on and on. The cool thing about knowledge – there is always something to learn and an avenue to find it.

So this once dreaded time sitting in the car, has now turned into time I can use for myself and for learning.

There are times I will find myself pulling into the house waiting a few minutes just to get the last piece or point before going inside. Who would have thought!

From the billionaire mogul to the stay at home mom, there is one thing that we all share…….


How can you use yours more effectively?


Kolby is The Healthy Primate

If you want a place to start here are a few podcasts that I really enjoy.

Tim Ferriss:

Bio: Timothy Ferriss has been listed as one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People”, Forbes Magazine’s “Names You Need to Know,” and is the 7th “most powerful” personality on Newsweek’s Digital 100 Power Index for 2012. He is an angel investor/advisor (Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and 20+ more) and author of the following books:

  • The 4-Hour Workweek – Sold into 35+ languages, #1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek bestseller.
  • The 4-Hour Body – #1 New York Times bestseller.
  • The 4-Hour Chef – #1 Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller; winner of a Gourmand “Best in the World” Award at the 18th Annual Paris Cookbook Awards.

Joe Rogan:

Bio: The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is a long form conversation hosted by comedian, UFC color commentator, and actor Joe Rogan with friends and guests that have included comedians, actors, musicians, MMA instructors and commentators, authors, artists, and porn stars. The Joe Rogan Experience was voted the Best Comedy Podcast of 2012 on iTunes. In addition online listening, fans can watch a videocast of the show live on Ustream or tune in on Sirius XM’s “The Virus” channel on Saturdays at Noon ET and Sundays at 5:00 AM and 6:00 PM ET.


Time Management, Opportunities, Planes, Trains & Automobiles (A Day In The Life)

We all have choices when opportunities arise. In a 48 hour notice I was asked to travel to Denver to meet with a very important set of prospects and existing clients. I jumped at the opportunity. This is a typical day in the week when you are looking for ways to grow and support your business.

15 Hour Day:
• 5 Cities
• $25m Presentation
• 4 Meetings
• 2 Contracts Signed
• 2 Airplanes
• 2 Trains
• 7 Sales Calls

Love what you do and you won’t have to work nearly as hard to find happiness. To see more on the Healthy Primate movement, I personally invite you to scroll through our site. From interviews, blog posts to featured articles – you can find a piece of knowledge to support where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow.

Thank you for supporting!

Kolby I The Healthy Primate

How 5 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to interview some amazing people for the podcast. We always cover what the morning or start of the day routine consists of. It is staggering to see how many of them follow a similar recipe. All with a different step by step formula, yet it’s primarily the same ingredients.

  • Meditation
  • Gratitude – Acknowledgment
  • Study
  • Task Management
  • Physical Activity
  • Food

I know what you are thinking.

There is no way you can get all that into 5 minutes. You are correct, you cannot achieve these activities with any level of success in a speed dating format. However – There is a tool I have found that can be a great first step into building a routine that will help you mentally, physically and emotionally find balance to perform a your all time best.

Recently I was turned on to the 5 Minute Journal. It was spawned by some great thinkers who were students of the Tim Ferris book The Four Hour Work Week. 

The 5 Minute Journal 
The format is broken into a two section journal that focuses on seven focus points.
AM – Morning
  • Inspiring Quotes
  • What Would Make Today Great
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Gratefulness
  • Affirmations
PM – Evening
  • List Three Amazing Things That Happened Today
  • How Could You Have Made Today Better

A Direct Link to the 5 Minute Journal: HERE 

This format is a great outline to put the day ay both the start and finish into perspective. There is a secret to this all though. You have to do it – I mean you really actually can’t just read this and not take action. Things like this only work when you do. So if you are happy with the results, focus and happiness you experience today – don’t change anything. But if you are looking for an edge up on things, I recommend this as a great starting point.


The Healthy Primate

5 Surprising Facts About How We Actually Spend Our Time

The World Bank, Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that in 2014, the average life expectancy in America is 78.6 years. Now let’s have some fun and look at some things that we spend sections of our life doing.  Funders & Founders posted this great infographic of where spend this time by activity.

  1. People Sleep 28 Years
  2. 9 Years in front  of a TV, Computer or Video Games
  3. 10.5 Years Working – Do what you love. That is a damn long time
  4. 1.3 years in traffic
  5. 4 years eating and drinking

Spend time doing what you love, educating yourself and with your friends and family. We all have 24 hours in day. It’s what we do with it that makes our time here awesome!