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A NY Times Best Selling Author, Professional Triathlete, World Class Chef, Olympic Coach and a Top MMA Practitioner walk into a bar

Podcast – Interview Updates:

Our podcast series feature conversations with world-class athletes, entrepreneurs, business owners, healthcare professionals and industry leaders. We discuss the tactics, actions and stories that have shaped both their failures and success. In these conversations the goal is to inspire, educate and motivate you into thinking about things in a way you may not be traditionally accustom to.

There are some amazing people, stories and action coming your way over the next 6 weeks. Our podcast series is proud to feature interviews with the following people.

Tim Bolen: Professional Triathlete, Collegiate Runner, Endurance Athlete & Executive Director for Best Buddies Charity, an International Non Profit to bring awareness to the those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Brian Mackenzie: Owner of CrossFit Endurance, NY Times Best Selling Author, Industry Expert in Functional Fitness, Competed in 30+ ultra marathons, Thought leader in altitude training, coaching and kick ass athlete in his own right.

Chef Gio Osso: World Class Chef, Owner of Virtu in Scottsdale AZ with Accolades from Esquire Magazine to the Food Network.

Also being named 2015 Chef of the Year by the Arizona Culinary Hall of Fame. Restaurant nominated for a coveted James Beard Award

Coach John Crouch: World Class Jui Jitsu Coach & Professor. Mentor to world champions in the mixed martial artists community, ranging from Royce Gracie to former WEC / UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson. Coaches over 40 professional fighters across the top MMA Promotions, UFC, Bellator  Etc.

Coach Jimmy Pedro: Judo World Champion, Olympic Medalist and current Judo Coach for the United States Olympic Team. Highly regarded as one of the best Judo competitors of all times.Cheers!

The Healthy Primate

Let’s Get This Party Started!

Welcome to The Healthy Primate blog!

The ground work: I feel it necessary as we begin this journey that you get a clear idea as to who I am, what value this blog will provide, the community we are building and how you can contribute. This should be a two way conversation rather than just words on the page.

Who am I: I am a journeyman, life enthusiast, father, husband and artist on a road to discover healthier ways of living life daily. Please join me on this journey as we uncover food, supplements & research to improve the human experience. As you step out of your comfort zones, you will gain growth in areas that will be immeasurable!

“Nothing can stop the man with the right attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude” – Thomas Jefferson

This will be a candid conversation filled with honest and colorful commentary. The core aspects of things we will cover are based on healthy lifestyle choices to enrich the mind, body and soul.

Thank you for joining the voyage!