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Nathan Chan on Founding a Top Entrepreneur Magazine, Branding and Landing Big Interviews



“There is no better time in history to start a business.”

This week we feature our interview with Mr. Nathan Chan. CEO, Editor and Founder of Foundr Magazine. Foundr Magazine is a top resource for entrepreneurs globally. They have featured names such as Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington & Tim Ferriss, to name a few.

In our discussion we cover:

  • Breaking the Mold
  • The Importance of Learning to Do More
  • Building a Community – The 1 Million People Goal
  • Founding Foundr – The Outline and Toolset for Entrepreneurs
  • Branding as a Difference Maker
  • From Idea to Revenue
  • How Nathan has got to Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington & Tim Ferriss
  • The Importance of Social Media

You can see the full show notes, links and additional supporting material

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Chelsea Fine on the Creative Process, Publishing and the Business to Becoming a Best Selling Author


This week we feature our interview with Chelsea Fine. Best selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, wife & mother. We discuss her journey from corporate america to author. From penning an idea, moving past creative block to understanding the business aspects to getting her books in front of readers around the globe.

We conduct our interview in a local library amongst the books, manuscripts and magazines

In our discussion we cover:
– The First 60 Minute Routine
– The creative process: forced vs the creative process
– The journey from Corporate America to Passion
– Putting energy into a passion to build a business she loved & Walking Away
– Writing and the land of forgotten manuscripts – The Barnes and Noble effect
– Sophie and Carter: Driving Urgency,This Moment Matters
– To Publish or not to Publish – The Business
– Traditional Publishing vs Self Publishing – How do you choose the correct route to get to your readers?
– How do you separate your work in a crowded market place?
– 1 Million Books
– Thing things to know if you want to be an author

Find Chelsea here:

Her Ted Talk:

You can see more here:

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3 Secrets To Growing Your Instagram Following to Increase Your Business

As part of the Healthy Primate mission, we strive to help our Tribe discover new ways to improve mental and physical aspects of life. In doing so, we also want to provide the tools, insights and direction on things you can do to start a business or project that you love. After all, when your mind & body are right – the opportunities to do what you love will manifest.

In this video we speak with Unique Designz CEO & Founder Henry Kaminski Jr. on the 3 secrets he has used to grow the company Instagram to over 17,000 followers who have translated into over 6 figures in new revenue opportunities.

3 Secrets To Growing Your Instagram Following to Increase Your Business 
  • Provide Valuable Content
  • Find Out Who the Influencers are in your Space, Build a Relationship
  • – Provide Value for your Influencers vs Asking for Things
  • How to Leverage Paid Shout Out’s for Quality Interaction with your Target Market
  • Bonus: Produce High Quality Products

Unique Designz combines industry experience with strong technical capabilities to provide a full creative and marketing service. 
Specializing in: Marketing and Sales Funnels, Print Collateral, Marketing Plans and Strategies, Social Mediate Marketing & More!

Stay tuned for a full interview with Henry forthcoming.

You can see more of Unique Designz below:

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Is Personal Potential on a Timeline?

“It is never too late to be what you might have been”
– George Eliot

As we dive into the week, remember that it is never to late to start being and doing what you have always wanted to do.

Some of the greatest entrepreneurs, athletes and artists all started after they turned 35 years old.

Take some action as you really think this through. What have you read or done to start the process? Are you asking the right questions, are you involving the right people?

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Are We Really All Connected?

Throughout the day we come in contact with dozens of people. From the emails, social media, work, commute and the stops along the way. One thing that I learned today through my “encounters” hence the image (if you can tell me the film reference I will give you a high five) is we are all connected. There is so much to learn, take and use in our personal development if we so choose to be aware.

Below is a snap shot of some of the people that made up my day and one thing I learned from each of them.

Chelsea Fine​ – You Have a Voice – and There is Someone Out There That Wants to Hear What You Have to Say

I had the chance to interview Chelsea for the radio show today. From freelance artist to an amazing author, mother and wife. She has this raw energy that powers through her in conversation. As we discussed the journey you can’t help but sit on the edge of your seat to hear what happens next. She is an amazing lady and powerhouse in her genre.

Brandon- It’s Good To Challenge Things, Be Calculated.

From his time at Apple, running into Steve Jobs in the cafeteria one day having lunch to dealing with hundreds of small business owners at Infusionsoft, he has a love for what he is doing. With two new babies and an awesome wife (her singing voice is amazing) he is looking for creative ways to grow and push the envelope doing what he loves and providing for his beautiful family.

Sustainable gardening my man – you are on to something. Keep pushing that direction.
Sean Mysel​ – Have an Opinion, It’s Alright to Ask For Help

I met Sean through a mutual friend who recommended we connect based on our sports background. Sean has this awesome talent of being able to tell compelling stories through words. His clients hire him to drive more business through marketing methodologies he deploys. Yet he draws you into things with his uncanny ability to pull you into the characters he shares. Side note his personal writings are killer and his posts crack me up.

We talk or message daily from 90s rock to feedback on work and clients. Dude is a stud and I am happy to call him a friend.

Kris Can​ – If You Have a Talent, People Will Be Interested

Kristen has a new upstart that is focused on baby accessories. Her stuff is killer and baby max is hooked already. She has this great personal network of business minded women, stay at home mothers and small business owners. We were discussing putting together a mastermind group where I can share the last 20 years of what I have learned in building business. IE. Defining your market, sizing the opportunity, building a business plan, design work, websites, marketing, social media, how to monetize your offering & raising funds.

I was going to charge for this, yet I have been given a a unique opportunity in life to be where I am. I want to share that at no cost, simply to help those who really are interested in doing something more.

More to come

Jennie Kay- Sleep is Over Rated, Mama Bears are the Strongest

It’s has been 3 weeks now and I would like to say the house is coming into order with Baby Max home. ERRRRR Wrong. She is operating on 2 hours of sleep intervals. Then the older kids have simply become assholes. I can say that on facebook right? It doesn’t have to be how great things are, can I share real shit?

She is in the middle of it all day and night. Her strength amazes me multiple times a day. She is the glue that holds this mess together. I am not sure what we did to deserve you baby, but we wouldn’t be here without you. We all love you so much.

As I close things down for the night it is amazing to think of all the kick ass people that have made my day just that much better. Tomorrow you will have these same chances with the people you encounter. How will there stories change you for the better?

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Quote of the Day

“There’s no better time in history to start a business than now. It’s all based on how bad you want it.” Nathan Chan CEO Foundr

As you enter the stoplight on the way to work, do me a favor. Look at the car next to you. Is the driver a miserable looking bloke who is heading into a job that he hates, working for a boss he can’t stand? Now look into your rear view mirror. Hold the mirror at an angle to where you can see the look on your own face. How close do you resemble the man you just witnessed driving off in the distance?

Time is an interesting concept. Your past experience, the current technology and your future uncertain – the variables can equal something great. I recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Nathan Chan, Founder and CEO of one of the top ranked publications focused on Entrepreneurs. The Foundr community is focused on providing tools, articles and interviews that serve as guidance for those wanting to start a business. They have featured the likes of Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Depak Chopra, Kevin Hartz from Event Brite, Ariana Huffington & Sir Richard Branson. 

In our interview the above quote came together. It could really serve as mission statement for the message we have been sharing from the beginning. The time to make a change in your life is NOW. Today is the best time and the future is yours to create. Your past doesn’t need to dictate your future. If you have the will – not just an idea – but the burning will to put in the time, you can create a future you desire and do what you love as a source of income.

Who is Foundr:

What once started as a digital magazine (based on iOS & Android) for young entrepreneurs by young entrepreneurs.

Foundr is now a multi-faced digital media platform via a podcast, digital magazine and training platform. Foundr was launched by entrepreneur Nathan Chan in 2013 with nothing but a laptop computer and a fistful of dollars, driven by the mission to help entrepreneurs build and grow a successful business.

Stay tuned for the full interview with Nathan as we dive into his journey to start Foundr. We discuss the lessons learned, the importance of building a brand, interviewing some of the business markets top thought leaders and the importance of building a kick ass community.

You can find Nathan Chan and Foundr at the following:


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Critically Acclaimed Chef Gio Osso on Mastering Your Craft


Welcome to another Healthy Primate Podcast! This week we feature a candid discussion with critically acclaimed Chef Gio Osso.

His restaurant Virtù Honest Craft has been celebrated as one of the top 20 “Best New Restaurants” in the U.S. by Esquire Magazine immediately upon opening in 2013, as well as nominated by the prestigious James Beard Foundation for “Best New Restaurant” in 2014.

We are live in his restaurant and discuss Gio’s journey of becoming a world class chef. From his days as an athlete, touring musician to operating on 3 hours of sleep while in school and working.

One thing that you catch in our discussion is Gio’s passion to do better. He never settles and continues to strive for being the best he can be and helping others to achieve that same goal.


Topics we discuss:

  • The Journey to Rock Star Legend
  • Culinary School and the Art of Operating on 3 hours of Sleep
  • Experience & Experimenting with Cuisine
  • The Business
  • Following Your Heart, Execute Your Passions
  • Virtu – To Achieve Greatness
  • The World Takes Notice
  • The Good The Bad The Food Critic
  • The Oscars Come Calling – James Beard
  • Farm to Table

You can learn more about Chef Gio Osso at the below:

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Thank you again for listening.

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Quote of the Day

“If you limit your choice only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.” ~ Robert Fritz

In our podcast series we interview top athletes, industry experts & world class professionals. I ask the following two questions every week:

  • “Why do you think people don’t follow there dreams?
  • “What do you think holds people back?”

The answer we get almost every single time is one word – FEAR. People are afraid to take a risk to do what they love. They are afraid of the outcomes, afraid of failure, afraid of ridicule, afraid of acceptance.

This week what choices will you make that get you closer to doing what you love? How will you punch fear in the face?

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NY Times Best Selling Author & Fitness Revolutionary – The Brian Mackenzie Interview PT1

This week we feature a two part interview series with Coach Brian Mackenzie. He is a NY Times Best Selling Author, founder of Crossfit Endurance, raced in 30+ ultra marathons and is considered a leader in endurance and functional training.
He has been featured in Competitor Magazine, Runners World, Men’s Journal, ESPN, The Economist, and contributed another NY Times Best selling book by Tim Ferris’ – The 4-Hour Body.

We dive deep into Brian’s experience in building a business and his thoughts on functional fitness as well as the importance of building a community.

Part 1:
  • Daily Routine
  • Skateboarding & Surfing
  • Starting a Business
  • Differentiating Your Business Model
  • The Elon Musk Effect
  • Mentors
  • Scaling Other Aspects of his business & building a community
  • CrossFit – Functionality, Personal Responsibility & the Future

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