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Are We All Really That Different?

After an amazing few weeks at our London office things came to an apex in the final hours. It included key notes and time with Mr. Gary Vaynerchuck, two award winning Ted Talk speakers, a NY Times Best Selling Author and a social media disruptor with over 30 million imprints.

I find myself jumping into a car headed to the airport to catch a flight back to the states. Head a bit groggy from only 3 hours of sleep and a few pints. Needless to say I was in rare form.

The last thing I wanted to do was talk to the driver. But I am not a complete ass so I obliged. 45 minutes later we were sharing a high five as I unload my luggage from the trunk of his Prius – then it hits me.

He was sharing stories of all the different people he has met and how similar we all are….

In 15 days I have met well over 75 people from various walks of life.

So often when we meet others we look for the difference versus the similarities.

When have you judged or made a premature  first impression when you met someone? Race, economic status, sex, age…..

What happens when we focus on our similarities versus how we are different?

When we look for the similarities when meeting someone versus looking at the differences we put down first impressions and see how similar we all are.
Kolby was here – now I’m on a plane! — at Heathrow Airport.

I Helped Three People Quit Today

I helped three people that work for me build a plan to quit today.

  • What?
  • Why?
  • Who does that?

About one-third or 30 percent of human life is spent working. The average working week in the United States consists of 40 hours of work.

On an average, most people spend about 25 to 30 years working.

Stop doing things that you hate simply for a paycheck.

Are you doing what you love?
If not what are you doing to make that goal a reality?

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6 Tips for Setting Achievable Goals

From our personal life to our business life – setting goals is something that will help us with progress. Yet how often to we sit down to assure the process and goals we set are going to work?

Over the past few weeks I have spent quite a bit of time with business partners and personal clients on the specific tasks needed to setting achievable goals.

Put together my thoughts in this quick video.

Setting Goals: Be clear about what it is you are trying to achieve

1. Your goal should be big
2. Your goal should be measurable
3. Your goal should be personal
4. Your goal should make a difference
5. Your goal should be achievable
6. Your goal should be something that you really really want to do

Make it an awesome day!
Kolby is The Healthy Primate

Risk Without Regret – My Story

Interview Click the image to listen to the podcast or click HERE

We all have a story. We all have had trials, failures and success of some kind.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and tell my story on the Risk Without Regret radio show.

There is a reason I share this outside of self promotion. It’s for only one reason really – to show others that we all have to overcome adversity and we are all human. The choice of success and failure is ours and no one else.

You see for over a decade I was ashamed of my younger years and tried to hide them in hopes no one would bring it up.

But guess what? Those stories of my past made me who I am today.

And I am okay with who I am. Shit – I like who I am and where my life is.

But I had to own my past as part of the story and not be ashamed of it.

  • I grew up in a divorced home.
  • I slept on a mattress on the floor.
  • I was a juvenile delinquent who was in and out of the system.
  • I was a single dad.
  • I have been fired from jobs I liked
  • I lost both my parents, lost my source of income, had a major surgery and had a son born in the ICU all within 6 months of each other.

On the flip side of that I have built over 20 projects, business, raised 10 million in capital, helped hundreds of people overcome adversity, I am an author, renegade, lover and happy with who I am.

This is my story. Unfiltered. Unadulterated and OWED.

Today’s lesson – Own your story. Don’t be ashamed of who you are.


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Starting a Business, Build a Marketing Plan & Getting New Customers with Henry Kaminski

This week we are pleased to share our interview with CEO & Founder of Unique Designs, Mr. Henry Kaminski. This is a special podcast. If you are interested in starting a business, building a marketing plan and getting new clients – this is for you!


In our interview we discuss the following:

  • From Children’s Hospital to Design Firm
  • Unique Designz
  • How do you Differentiate Your Business in a Sea of Commodities
  • Helping Small Business’s Launch
    – Measurable Plans, Increase Response Rates, Functional Designs, Attracting & Capturing Leads
  • How to see if There is a Market for your Business
  • How do Launch a Product or Business
  • Three Things you Can do to Use Instagram to Grow your Business
  • Designs on Demand

Offering for our Audience:
30 Minutes of free Consultation for your Current Blog, Site, Social Media with Feedback to Maximize and Grow Your Business

Reference The Healthy Primate
30 Minute Strategy Session

About Unique Designz: Unique Designz combines industry experience with strong technical capabilities to provide a full creative and marketing service.

Specializing in: Marketing and Sales Funnels, Print Collateral, Marketing Plans and Strategies, Social Mediate Marketing & More!


Be sure to visits our site for the full show notes here:

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3 Secrets To Growing Your Instagram Following to Increase Your Business

As part of the Healthy Primate mission, we strive to help our Tribe discover new ways to improve mental and physical aspects of life. In doing so, we also want to provide the tools, insights and direction on things you can do to start a business or project that you love. After all, when your mind & body are right – the opportunities to do what you love will manifest.

In this video we speak with Unique Designz CEO & Founder Henry Kaminski Jr. on the 3 secrets he has used to grow the company Instagram to over 17,000 followers who have translated into over 6 figures in new revenue opportunities.

3 Secrets To Growing Your Instagram Following to Increase Your Business 
  • Provide Valuable Content
  • Find Out Who the Influencers are in your Space, Build a Relationship
  • – Provide Value for your Influencers vs Asking for Things
  • How to Leverage Paid Shout Out’s for Quality Interaction with your Target Market
  • Bonus: Produce High Quality Products

Unique Designz combines industry experience with strong technical capabilities to provide a full creative and marketing service. 
Specializing in: Marketing and Sales Funnels, Print Collateral, Marketing Plans and Strategies, Social Mediate Marketing & More!

Stay tuned for a full interview with Henry forthcoming.

You can see more of Unique Designz below:

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4 Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur

We had the pleasure of sitting with Mr. Sean Whalen to discuss his route to success, challenges and back to the top of a very aggressive real estate market.

In this video clip we discuss the four things Sean does daily. These areas allow him the time, focus and road map to drive success into his days.

The Core Four:

  1. Body
  2. Balance
  3. Being
  4. Business

You can hear the entire conversation at the Healthy Primate Podcast.


He has competed in the IronMan, trained and fought mixed martial arts and started multi million dollar real-estate businesses – twice! Sean has over 50,000 followers on social media. His audience actively engaged in dialog and debate. His videos have been shared and seen over 5 Million times and continue to grow.

You can visit Sean direct at the following:

Sean Whalen FaceBook

Lions Not Sheep 


The Healthy Primate

World Population Opportunity

Global Census data tells us there are roughly 7 billion people on the planet. As this global market place of opportunity is wide open, what is the world collectively doing? If the average american life expectancy is 78 years of age, and we all have 24 hours in a day, how can use this below to form and opportunity on a global scale?

I have met some amazing people that we have interviewed for the Podcast, of which they have chosen to address humanitarian efforts in under served areas. It’s such a great thing to do for so many reasons. It is a satisfying way to spend time helping others. 

The chart featured came from the team over at Funders & Founders. The data for the global census provided from CIA.Gov, & Gemconsortium 

As you see the top global industries, age groups and numbers of entrepreneurs  of the world, where do you see opportunity? If you refer back to our post “5 Surprising Facts About How We Actually Spend Our Time” you can see where people spend the majority of time over the span of 76 years.

And if you are an entrepreneur, use this knowledge to produce a product or service a group of these people would want.


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