The John Crouch Interview


The UFC, The Gracie Family & Coaching World Champions

This week we feature our interview with Coach John Crouch.  He is a world class jui jitsu coach, professor and mentor to world champions in the mixed martial artists community. Ranging from Royce Gracie to former WEC / UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson. Not only is an amazing coach, he is a friend. I look up to many aspects of what Coach is doing for the sport he loves. He is highly regarded as one of the best MMA coaches in the business today. From his time with the Gracie Family to Coaching World Champions we go through his journey.

“Find something you love to do, and spend time doing it”

At the end of the podcast we will be giving away some autographed UFC gear. Details in the lower section.

Topics We Discuss:

  • The Journey to Martial Art
  • Time with The Gracie Family
  • The start of the UFC and World Champions
  • The rise of Jiu Jitsu in the States
  • The MMA Lab
  • What it takes to be a professional fighter
  • UFC – Behind the scenes
  • Road to a championship
  • Details of a fight camp
  • The Ultimate Fighter – Mexico
  • Benson Henderson – The Story of a Champion



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You have the chance to win a pair of autographed UFC gloves signed by legend and world champion – Benson Henderson. We will also be giving away some limited edition Ultimate Fighter Latin America – Autographed Tee Shirts from Mr. Efrain Escudero. 

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Show Links

John Crouch: 


Gracie Academy

The MMA LAB Pro Team

Benson Henderson

The Ultimate Fighter – Latin America 2 


Benson Belt in Japan against Frankie Edgar