The Chelsea Fine Interview


Best Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Woman, Wife & Mother

This week we feature our interview with Chelsea Fine. Best selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, wife & mother. We discuss her journey from corporate america to author. From penning an idea, moving past creative block to understanding the business aspects to getting her books in front of readers around the globe.

In our discussion we cover:

  • The First 60 Minute Routine
  • The creative process: forced vs the creative process
  • The journey from Corporate America to Passion
  • Putting energy into a passion to build a business she loved & Walking Away
  • Writing and the land of forgotten manuscripts – The Barnes and Noble effect
  • Sophie and Carter: Driving Urgency,This Moment Matters
  • To Publish or not to Publish – The Business
  • Traditional Publishing vs Self Publishing – How do you choose the correct route to get to your readers?
  • How do you separate your work in a crowded market place?
  • 1 Million Books
  • Thing things to know if you want to be an author

Her Ted Talk:


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