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The Foreign Language That Will Change The World


As you read this – you have checked your email, status updates on social media and possibly looked at your bank account. All of these things done online. I think we can all agree on the importance of the internet. When you pull back the covers on how things work – CODE is the underlying aspect that holds it together. Personally I have spent the past 10 years learning and researching how to create everything from websites to mobile applications.

The one similarity I can draw between the learning code and academia would be that of learning a new language. More and more,¬†technology becomes the fabric that is holding many of our dealings together. Keep this in mind – the first iPhone was introduced June 29. 2007. That was only 8 years ago. When I started learning to code, it was similar to learning a new language. The phrasing, the intricacies and the way full pieces are stranded together. Then it hit me – Learning to CODE will be the new Foreign Language of the future. It’s how we communicate, businesses are built and legacies can flourish.

In the United States academic programs, only 2% of learning is spent on computer programing. Yet the over 60% of the jobs that are open in the market place are tied to Computer Science. I was introduced to the team at a few years ago. If you watch the video above you can see the importance of learning how to code and where it sits in level of importance for or future.

There are many free courses you can take to start this journey. As you look into and do your own research, please take the below into consideration. You can also access a great data base of tutorials over at 


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