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5 Reasons Why our Newsletter will Become Your Favorite

1. What do an Olympic Gold Medalist, NY Times Best Selling Author & Hall of Fame Chef have in common?

They have all contributed to content we feature on the newsletter and the Healthy Primate blog.

This Newsletter is dedicated to providing a platform for education as well as the world’s finest natural options and functional foods.  Making you the best you can be: mind, body & soul.

We built this with REAL people in mind. We have dialog vs. some marketing crap aimed at a “fast fix” to optimal health.

2. This is your newsletter

We are a community focused on uncovering natural ways to reduce stress, increase performance and chase after the things we love. Build a Better You – It’s more than just a tag line, it’s the way we look at the relationship with our readers. This should be a two-way discussion and dialog.

3. You will learn ONE new thing a week

What are the best foods for recovering after a run or work out? What are the top natural ways to reduce stress at work and home? How do world-class athletes and top entrepreneurs start their day? What do the nutritional labels on foods really mean?

We’ve got a lot to cover. You see where we are going with this?

4. Action plans vs. simply entertainment

We provide action steps on key articles that will help you use the material you read and listen to. This isn’t simply an entertainment piece; although I can say the stories of what I have done to my body in self-experimentation through supplements, foods, vitamins and workouts has been pretty entertaining.

5. People who read the content and listen to the podcast love it!

“The material I see on the Healthy Primate is some of the best online, in print and on the radio – period”  NBA Legend, Lebron Jameson

“If I could only go one place for content, it would be over to the Healthy” Humanitarian, Brad Putt

“I find the content not only educational, but worth sharing” Cultural Icon, Kim Kardashion

Disclaimer:None of these people really said any of this. But we have emails and phone calls into there publicists. We don’t think they will respond, but how cool would it be when they do?

Bonus: If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands?

You’re doing one of two things after reading this. Clapping your hands with excitement, or you’re at the office siting at your desk not able to show your excitement publicly.

Join us on a weekly adventure as we journey through the boulevard of the things that matter in fitness and health!


The Healthy Primate Team