The Story of Human Spirit and Competition


The human spirit and drive to overcome adversity is something amazing. From athletes pushing themselves to the limit, to our veterans returning home from a tour of duty. Humans have the ability to do some great things. When you combine those two in a fitness competition, exposition, cameras & stage you get the Rush Club.

I am excited to announce a partnership with Rush Club for the upcoming February 6th event here in Phoenix Arizona.

What is The Rush Club? 


Rush Club is a head to head single elimination functional fitness competition. Unlike other competitive fitness events, Rush Club uses weight classes to match up athletes. We take more of a “fitness to weight ratio” approach which makes the event much more exciting to watch. Each workout is announced 30 days prior to the event so that athletes can train and develop proficiency as well as a strategy to maximize effectiveness. The workout length will vary but will never be longer than 10 minutes. The winner get’s the purse, the Rush Club belt, and bragging rights.

Rush Club Competitive Fitness Championship is about creating and telling compelling stories of the human spirit. Stories about heroes who refuse the call to be ordinary and cross the threshold to pursue the call to victory. Stories about how people are tested, how they overcome enemies both inside and out. Stories about seizing the sword, going into battle, and emerging victorious.

The next event is February 6th at Celebrity Theatre and being streamed on Pay Per View. 

The event is less than a cup of coffee and proceeds are going back to veterans.)


The best have graced the Rush Club arena and we are just getting started. Join us Feb 6th at to watch the live stream. Watch Derek Weida take on defending adaptive lower champion Mike Gallardo for the adaptive lower title!

Hope to see at the event!


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