World Champion, Visualization & Olympic Gold – Our Interview with Jimmy Pedro

This week we feature our interview with Coach Jimmy Pedro. He is a World Champion, US Olympic Judo Coach, 2 Time Olympic Medalist, Teacher, Father & Student – highly regarded as one of the best Judo competitors of all times.

We discuss his journey to becoming a world champion, from overcoming a career ending injury that almost paralyzed him, to his road back to the olympics. Jimmy covers his methodology of visualization and seeing success. We also dive into coaching world champions and the first American to win a Gold at the Olympics.

Topics We Discuss:

Judo and the Family Tree
Graceful with Wins and Overcoming Defeat
Career Ending Injury to Olympic Medal
Road to World Champion
The Importance of Visualization
Coaching The Best Competitors in the World
Rhonda Rousey to Travis Stevens
The First Gold Medal for USA Judo
Competing to Corporate America

Click the link above to stream live or HERE to listen to in Itunes.


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