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The Science of Boosting Confidence – The Infographic


I am a big fan of the team over at Happify. They are a company that take science and beautiful graphics to engage an audience. Aside from education, they have a killer app that features games, graphics and daily tid bits of positive data.

Below is a featured they created that is focused on the science of boosting confidence.

I find graphics in support of the story pack a great 1 -2 punch.

Who is Happify: 

It’s an exciting time for those who want to overcome negative thoughts, worries, and everyday stress. Happify has turned a decade’s worth of research into a series of activities and games that train your brain and build skills for lasting happiness. That’s our mission. Discover what our personalized tracks can do for you. They are effective and measurable.


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Gut Feeling – It’s Smarter Than You Think

Jason S Moore

Stress is all in the mind set right? Get your head straight and everything sorts itself out?

Well not exactly. You see stress is a funny thing. There are many schools of thoughts to dealing and managing through this burden of self inflicting pressure. You have to first understand things before you can really address them.

I came to know Mr. Jason Moore through some mutual friends as I was doing research for the upcoming projects aimed at stress reduction in the workplace. He is a power house of information and professional expertise. He turned me on to the massive importance the belly has in the over all spectrum to happiness and stress management.

Please join us for part 1 in this 3 part series.

His works have been featured on ABC, CNN, NBC, FOX CBS News and the Wall Street Journal.

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You know those “gut feelings” you get (the ones you ignore most of the time)? And those “pits in your stomach” you get when you’re under stress (the ones you let stop you most of the time)?

Yeah, me too.

You may not realize it, but you actually have a “second brain in your gut”, also known as the “enteric nervous system”, which has a lot more to do with your feelings, performance, and experience in life than the brain located within the six inches between your ears does.

The enteric nervous system, which is sometimes considered part of the autonomic nervous system and sometimes considered totally independent, also governs the function of the gastrointestinal system (your digestion and elimination).

Why is that important?

Because digestion and elimination problems are at the root cause of all symptoms of all disease — physical, mental, and emotional — and healthy digestion and elimination are the foundation for extraordinary physical, mental, and emotional health and fitness in primates like us.

Therefore, supporting the enteric nervous system and the health, fitness, and proper functioning of your digestion and elimination must be the primary focus of any health or healing strategy you take on and maintain.

I first heard about “the brain in your gut” from an article written by Tom Staverosky, an expert on natural therapy for migraine headaches, in which he shared some research from a book titled, “The Second Brain – Your Gut Has a Mind of Its Own”, by Dr. Michael D. Gershon, MD.

Some of the more important things I pulled out of Dr. Gershon’s book, include:

  • 95% of your serotonin is made in your bowel and, in the central nervous system, serotonin plays a key role in regulating emotions like anger, feelings of aggression, body temperature, overall mood, sleep, sexuality, reproduction, appetite, metabolism, nausea, and much more.
  • There are more than a hundred million nerve cells in your small intestine, which is a number roughly equal to the number of nerve cells in your spinal cord; add the nerve cells of the esophagus, stomach, and large intestine and you have more nerve cells in your digestive system than in your spine.
  • The enteric nervous system is a vast chemical warehouse holding every class of neurotransmitters (facilitators of communication between neurons and body cells and therefore all performance and experience) found in the brain; and the extent of neurotransmitters found in your bowel suggests that the “language” spoken by the cells there is rich and “brain-like” in complexity.
  • The local nervous system of your gut has properties like your brain and spinal cord and is largely independent of the central nervous system; in fact, if you cut the connection between the brain and your gut, your gut will continue functioning on its own.
  • The enteric nervous system actually has more in common, chemically and structurally, with your brain than with the rest of the peripheral nervous system does and, as a result, illnesses thought to only occur in the brain and associated symptoms, also involve the enteric nervous system or, said differently, the health and fitness of your bowels and digestive tract.

Therefore, the way you think, feel, drink, and eat all have an effect on your biochemistry and, in turn, the quality of your digestion, assimilation, and elimination; and your digestion, assimilation, and elimination, in reverse, have an effect on your biochemistry and, in turn, the way you think and feel, as well as, what and how you eat and drink.

Said differently, how you “feel” and “perform” — your emotions, mood, energy, sexual performance, reproductive functions, appetite, metabolism, and so on, are all directly related to a healthy intestinal tract, proper digestion, proper assimilation, and proper elimination; and it’s a two way street — meaning, stress and emotions can affect your digestion and elimination and your digestion and elimination can affect your emotions and ability to manage stress.

And stress, my friend… WILL. FUCK. YOU. UP.

Jason S. Moore
Part 2 – The Reaction Our Bodies Have to Stress 

Happy 125th Birthday Duke Kahanamoku the Father of Surfing

It’s 6AM, the air has a breeze that sends a refreshing blast of clean through the car as I head to the shore with the windows down. Surfline says the break is around 4-ft, water is 68 degrees and offshore winds at a stand still. Pulling up to the shore line I sit and simply look out at the endless ocean over the pacific. There are only 5 or 6 people out on either side of the pier as the sun is starting to make its mark on the day.

For any water man – this time and this experience actually has a name. Dawn Patrol.

It’s one of two aspects in a 24 hour period where you can get some great waves before the day takes over.

Today marks a special day. It would be the 125th birthday for the father of modern surfing. The Duke played a special part in my time at the beach. Having the opportunity to live in both Huntington Beach and Maui, surfing and water life have been a big part of my personal constitution.

Happy birthday to Duke Kahanamoku.

Known as the Ambassador of Aloha, Kahanamoku traveled the world, bringing surfing to the likes of California, Australia and New Zealand over his lifetime. Aug. 24 marks what would’ve been Kahanamoku’s 125th birthday — he passed away in 1968.


On his native Hawaii, Kahanamoku was known for much more than just riding waves. He first built his reputation as a swimming champion, winning five Olympic medals over the course of his career. His success also enabled him to raise the profile of Hawaii’s true passion of surfing.


Kahanamoku was also elected the sheriff of his home county 13 times and starred in over a dozen movies. Most importantly, he is credited with helping the Hawaiian islands achieve statehood in 1959. Credit Time Magazine

A great piece on Duke from Big Island Television Below

Cheers & Aloha!

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Quote of the Day

“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned”  – Richard P. Feynman

Where can this apply in your life today? Is it in political views, at your job or in personal relationships? Question everything, it’s healthy.

I always like to know who it is we are pulling quotes from. In this research I have to say that Richard Feynman has a great back story . From his findings in quantum physics to electrical cooling, his contributions to science & technology are felt today.

You can read more about Richard and his story here.


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Manifesting a Self Help Course to Help Jesus Get Motivated

Take a “spiritual” journey with me for a moment as we look to find salvation for our sins.

People of any financial wherewithal’s can contribute to experience some aspect of redemption. You see in this story the evangelist has no prejudice for one thing all followers share – the color GREEN.

 Enters Jill – She is a single mother from Phoenix Arizona working two jobs to assure her 3 year old son Elijah and 6 year old daughter Faith can prosper from more than the Arizona summer. Every Sunday she hears the same story and starts to think that her struggles are unique and the pastor is speaking directly to her. As the tithe basket is passed in front of her she takes out a neatly folded $10 dollar bill and tucks it in with a tear and prayer. That money had to last her and the kids until next week. Don’t worry Jill – The Lord will provide.


Enters Will from San Diego California. Will comes from a broken home and has often found comfort at the local strip club. He works an honest living pushing for that corner office of the local real estate branch where he spends over 60 hours a week. He sees people around him in the new BMW and knows he is so close to achieving this monetary success he so desires. He starts looking online and finds a group that has the same drive and passion to do more. Daily he reads the posts of “find yourself” “you can be great” “manifest your success”. This group meets every week at a local church to discuss in more depth and share other stories of people just like Will. All he has to do is contribute to the tithe and he can join the others at the opportunity to “achieve his potential”. 

Both people in this story have a chance for their slice of redemption, love, motivation and the self worth they both desire. Shit they owe it to themselves! All they have to do is sacrifice a small contribution, green backs, bills, dinero, clams, MONEY!

Do it for the prosperity. You know, the Prosperity Gospel that any donation you make to God will increase your own material wealth in some opportunity in the future.

  • Give me your money and you will be healed
  • Man up and you can do this
  • Do some epic shit and think epic thoughts
  • Who cares about your mental and emotional strength, it’s only money
  • Give me your money and something great will happen
  • Trust me I am a professional

Who am I talking about here? Is it the gold chain wearing southern Baptist reverend? Is it the 60 year old white man with salt and pepper hair? Is it the couple from Texas with the great tan asking you to forget about your cancer and simply send us money – god will provide?

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 9.41.23 PM

Take out the pastors, priests and reverends. Replace them with self proclaimed – Self Help Experts, Motivational Coaches and Fitness Gurus. Twins of industry following a similar road to redemption on the backs of the willing.

Neither group has a moral compass that will cause loss of sleep to anyone opting in to their “programs. In research I have seen price tags range from $15K to $35K for a personal program designed by these self-proclaimed “experts”.

Many of us face struggles, depression, stress and anxiety. One of the reasons I started The Healthy Primate was to share in my personal experience. This road has taken me into some amazing places within my own physical, mental and emotional building blocks. From working 60+ hours a week, enduring a major shoulder surgery to recently welcoming in our fourth child 4 weeks premature. I know what the effects of life pressure cause first hand. I am no doctor; I don’t hold a PHD in psychology. I am just a man who works hard, wants the best for my family and has a platform to help other see the various options to deal with life in positive ways.

I am not going to say that the self help industry is a sham and after all it was a $10B market in 2014.

A quick amazon and Google search brings up over 375M options for Self Help. When you look at those in the space, one thing stood out. Many self-help books, teachers and gurus lack credentials or if they do, they are very uneven. Many do have a Masters Degree, are professors or Doctors. Yet over 90% of what is published is personal theory vs the actual science of dealing with the main issues we experience. I mean when was the last time you went looking for a good science journal article to read? Not that sexy.

When you dive into basic “coaching”, there is a noticeable absence of empirical evidence supporting the advice so copiously pumped out to the masses. You would think

Through research I have found many are relying solely or primarily on anecdotal evidence. If you are lucky, a few hard science facts are embedded in personal ideologies. There is no guarantee that the ‘secrets’ within the pages or lessons will be anything more than a stain in the undergarment of long-lasting change and sustained self-improvement.

In a future post I will dive into the science of why many of us feel they way we do. From anxiety, guilt, depression, anger to stress. If you understand the core building blocks, you can work to address them.

In the mean time please send 34.99 and piece of paper with your tears and you can subscribe to our saving your savings mailing list ( I KID!)

Please feel free to forward and share this post, as it seems to be a spreading issue.


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Is Personal Potential on a Timeline?

“It is never too late to be what you might have been”
– George Eliot

As we dive into the week, remember that it is never to late to start being and doing what you have always wanted to do.

Some of the greatest entrepreneurs, athletes and artists all started after they turned 35 years old.

Take some action as you really think this through. What have you read or done to start the process? Are you asking the right questions, are you involving the right people?

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How Many “Likes” Does it Take to be Happy?

“Is your happiness dictated by the sheer number of likes, shares or comments we collect across social media?”

Why do we give so much validity to the acceptance of people we hardly know? If you look at the actual science of happiness you can tie some of the direct responses back to hedonic adaptation.

Ok big words but what in the hell does it really mean?

The Wikipedia break down:

Hedonic adaptation is a process or mechanism that reduces the affective impact of emotional events. Generally, hedonic adaptation involves a happiness “set point”, whereby humans generally maintain a constant level of happiness throughout their lives, despite events that occur in their environment. One of the main concerns of positive psychology is determining how to maintain or raise one’s happiness set point, and further, what kind of practices lead to lasting happiness.

We continually look for these small micro-bursts of interaction as some sort of acceptance. Acceptance creates a level of happiness. This acceptance is short lived, hence the reason we refresh the screen and keep checking our mobile devices by the minute. There is a better term known as the hedonic treadmill.

This desire, need and sometimes obsessiveness we have with checking our social media can be likened to a treadmill. We have great intentions to get in shape and we start walking. Setting the time, speed and resistance to a pace that we feel will generate results.

We build this false sense of need to continually check for updates. It sparks some level of immediate happiness, yet in the long run you will find yourself walking on a an emotional treadmill, simply moving your legs – yet going staying in place.

We are more than a series of algorithms on social media. We are deeper emotionally, spiritually and physically. There is a great quote from Socrates that I find draws parallel to this obsessive need and desire that social media produces.

“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates

As we examine our own life, there is some sense of satisfaction when we hit that refresh button to see more people have agreed, appreciate or simply “like” what we have to say.


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Are We Really All Connected?

Throughout the day we come in contact with dozens of people. From the emails, social media, work, commute and the stops along the way. One thing that I learned today through my “encounters” hence the image (if you can tell me the film reference I will give you a high five) is we are all connected. There is so much to learn, take and use in our personal development if we so choose to be aware.

Below is a snap shot of some of the people that made up my day and one thing I learned from each of them.

Chelsea Fine​ – You Have a Voice – and There is Someone Out There That Wants to Hear What You Have to Say

I had the chance to interview Chelsea for the radio show today. From freelance artist to an amazing author, mother and wife. She has this raw energy that powers through her in conversation. As we discussed the journey you can’t help but sit on the edge of your seat to hear what happens next. She is an amazing lady and powerhouse in her genre.

Brandon- It’s Good To Challenge Things, Be Calculated.

From his time at Apple, running into Steve Jobs in the cafeteria one day having lunch to dealing with hundreds of small business owners at Infusionsoft, he has a love for what he is doing. With two new babies and an awesome wife (her singing voice is amazing) he is looking for creative ways to grow and push the envelope doing what he loves and providing for his beautiful family.

Sustainable gardening my man – you are on to something. Keep pushing that direction.
Sean Mysel​ – Have an Opinion, It’s Alright to Ask For Help

I met Sean through a mutual friend who recommended we connect based on our sports background. Sean has this awesome talent of being able to tell compelling stories through words. His clients hire him to drive more business through marketing methodologies he deploys. Yet he draws you into things with his uncanny ability to pull you into the characters he shares. Side note his personal writings are killer and his posts crack me up.

We talk or message daily from 90s rock to feedback on work and clients. Dude is a stud and I am happy to call him a friend.

Kris Can​ – If You Have a Talent, People Will Be Interested

Kristen has a new upstart that is focused on baby accessories. Her stuff is killer and baby max is hooked already. She has this great personal network of business minded women, stay at home mothers and small business owners. We were discussing putting together a mastermind group where I can share the last 20 years of what I have learned in building business. IE. Defining your market, sizing the opportunity, building a business plan, design work, websites, marketing, social media, how to monetize your offering & raising funds.

I was going to charge for this, yet I have been given a a unique opportunity in life to be where I am. I want to share that at no cost, simply to help those who really are interested in doing something more.

More to come

Jennie Kay- Sleep is Over Rated, Mama Bears are the Strongest

It’s has been 3 weeks now and I would like to say the house is coming into order with Baby Max home. ERRRRR Wrong. She is operating on 2 hours of sleep intervals. Then the older kids have simply become assholes. I can say that on facebook right? It doesn’t have to be how great things are, can I share real shit?

She is in the middle of it all day and night. Her strength amazes me multiple times a day. She is the glue that holds this mess together. I am not sure what we did to deserve you baby, but we wouldn’t be here without you. We all love you so much.

As I close things down for the night it is amazing to think of all the kick ass people that have made my day just that much better. Tomorrow you will have these same chances with the people you encounter. How will there stories change you for the better?

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Quote of the Day

“There’s no better time in history to start a business than now. It’s all based on how bad you want it.” Nathan Chan CEO Foundr

As you enter the stoplight on the way to work, do me a favor. Look at the car next to you. Is the driver a miserable looking bloke who is heading into a job that he hates, working for a boss he can’t stand? Now look into your rear view mirror. Hold the mirror at an angle to where you can see the look on your own face. How close do you resemble the man you just witnessed driving off in the distance?

Time is an interesting concept. Your past experience, the current technology and your future uncertain – the variables can equal something great. I recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Nathan Chan, Founder and CEO of one of the top ranked publications focused on Entrepreneurs. The Foundr community is focused on providing tools, articles and interviews that serve as guidance for those wanting to start a business. They have featured the likes of Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Depak Chopra, Kevin Hartz from Event Brite, Ariana Huffington & Sir Richard Branson. 

In our interview the above quote came together. It could really serve as mission statement for the message we have been sharing from the beginning. The time to make a change in your life is NOW. Today is the best time and the future is yours to create. Your past doesn’t need to dictate your future. If you have the will – not just an idea – but the burning will to put in the time, you can create a future you desire and do what you love as a source of income.

Who is Foundr:

What once started as a digital magazine (based on iOS & Android) for young entrepreneurs by young entrepreneurs.

Foundr is now a multi-faced digital media platform via a podcast, digital magazine and training platform. Foundr was launched by entrepreneur Nathan Chan in 2013 with nothing but a laptop computer and a fistful of dollars, driven by the mission to help entrepreneurs build and grow a successful business.

Stay tuned for the full interview with Nathan as we dive into his journey to start Foundr. We discuss the lessons learned, the importance of building a brand, interviewing some of the business markets top thought leaders and the importance of building a kick ass community.

You can find Nathan Chan and Foundr at the following:


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The Effects of Stress – The Journey to Understanding How to Manage Stress

I have spent the past year cataloging the effects that working 60+ hours a week in a high stress environment. I started with weight loss as I was pushing over 230lbs.

Things then took an interesting turn to blood work and understanding the complexities behind what my mind was going through and how that effected my overall system.

I became a human guinea pig and cataloged all of the various things I have done to learn more and treat the effects stress has had on my life. I am going to share all of these findings and what I did to reduce stress by over 500% based on scientific proof.

This is the basis of The Healthy Primate.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share everything with our viewers. If you or someone you know has a very high demanding job and personal life, this is a series I ask that you please share. It will help – I promise.


Kolby I The Healthy Primate