Understanding Your Body – Blood Work Session 1

There are many aspects of health and fitness that are important. Often times we overlook the actual workings behind the scenes. Blood work is a must in really understanding what your body is doing and areas you can personally address. You can make changes and adjustments to feel better, perform at a higher level and reduce stress.

In this first part of the series, I am doing a full blood pull. It’s also referred to as a Complete Blood Count. I am looking to see my cholesterol, red blood cells, oxygen levels, white blood cells, hormones, and other basics on my body functions. I have also ordered a special test for Cortisol. This is very important when understanding stress and how it is effecting my body and mental status.

Part two we will be reviewing the tests in detail with a specialist, doctor and a personal trainer.
We will break the aspects of the test down and explain what is important and what you should look for.

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