The Journey of a Legend: The Brian Mackenzie Interview Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of our interview series with Coach Brian Mackenzie. He is a NY Times Best Selling Author, founder of Crossfit Endurance, raced in 30+ ultra marathons and is considered a leader in endurance and functional training. You can see all of Brian’s accolades on Part 1 of this series which I highly recommend you go listen to.
We are giving away an autographed copy of his books, Unbreakable Runner & Power Speed Endurance. Please click on the Podcast Series for full details.
Part 2:
  • The Process of Writing A NY Times Best Selling Book
  • Power Speed & Endurance & Unbreakable Runner
  • Do your Own Research
  • Define Success
  • Laird Hamilton Connection
  • 3Fu3L – The Evolution of Protein Supplements
  • Thoughts on the Supplement Business
  • Training Mask & The Art of Breathing to Improve Performance
  • Do What you Love
  • Rapid Fire Questions
We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed putting it together.
The Healthy Primate

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